wpe1.jpg (39199 バイト)


Everybody has at least one memorial song,doesn't it? Happy memories, lonely memories, sweet memories etc... Please talk about your memorial song and its episode.(1 song or Album should be fine. All Genre is OK.Japanese Music, Anime song, Western Music etc..) Contribution your memorial song

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NO.048 DATE: 7th/FEB/2007

ARTIST: Sakai Noriko  TITLE: Ureshi Namida

WRITER: Mr.e-kun(MALE/age:30-34/SPAIN)

sakai noriko

Well, it was long time ago, in 1992. I was sarting to be a fan of Katsura Masakazu sensei's manga named Video Girl AI. When I discovered that it was an anime version I got it the fast way I could it and then I heard that song (opening theme) and the melody and voice really shocked me. It was a beautiful song for a good anime. Nice memories :)


NO.047 DATE: 27th/SEP/2006


WRITER: Mr.Chougaijin(MALE/age:35-39/USA)


We had a Japanese homestay student come from Japan, and she introduced us to Japanese pop music.   This is one of the first songs I heard.  It always brings me back to those days, and the great times we had.  I wonder how our student is these days, and whether she remembers those times too.


NO.046 DATE: 27th/AUG/2006


WRITER: Ms.Miss(FEMALE/age:25-29/England)

wpeAD.jpg (3556 バイト)

I went to stay with some friends of mine in Japan. Me and my friend went out to a bar one night ,her husband stayed home as he didn't want to go.When we came home,there was this great song on and I asked him "what is that song?" . He told me "it's STOP MOTION by SILK". He gave me the CD, I brought it home with me and burned it using my computer then post it back to him. It is a great song,and when I listen to it (a lot!) I think of my wonderful holiday to Japan.*The picture is CD Album "Face"which includes "STOP MOTION".


NO.045 DATE: 23rd/AUG/2006

ARTIST: CoCo  TITLE: sasayakana yuwaku

WRITER: Mr.Himitsu(MALE/age:15-19/Ireland)

CoCo/sasayakan yuwaku

When it was my birthday last year,  my friends all came to my house and we did karaoke because they wanted to do something Japanese ^_^. When it was my turn I did this song,and everybody clapped and cheered because they said I was very good at singing in a language I've only been learning for a year!! It was also my first time to do karaoke and so it will remain special to me always .


NO.044 DATE: 6th/JAN/2006


WRITER: Mr.Jason Tsai(MALE/age:25-29/Singapore)

wpe76.jpg (2618 バイト)

This was the first song that i listened to 12 years ago. At that time there's 101 proposal series on air. Although this is not my favourite song. But without this song, i will not have listen to C&A songs till now.. (I'm listen to C&A songs right now while i'm writitng this) my favourite songs is "PRIDE","TREE" and "On your Mark"


NO.043 DATE: 8th/DEC/2005

ARTIST: Iijima Mari  TITLE: Yumeiro no Spoon

WRITER: Ms.Laura(FEMALE/age:10-19/ITALY)

wpe6A.jpg (3086 バイト)

This song is really wonderful.I  listened it when I cried or I was so sad and it made me smile again.


NO.042 DATE: 22nd/OCT/2005

ARTIST: Oda Tetsuro  TITLE: Itsumademo Kawaranu Ai o


wpe2.jpg (1775 バイト)

I made first girl friend when I was 14 years old. Our relation ship wasn't very deep. What we did was only going home together from school, going to see movies etc... On Christmas day in that year, she was very busy as she was going to cramming school.(she was a smart girl) so I asked her to make a short time for tea and I gave her this song's music box. When I listen to this song, all sweet naive memories flash back.


NO.041 DATE: 22nd/OCT/2005

ARTIST: Shonen tai  TITLE: Kamen Butokai

WRITER: Mr.rui(MALE/age:25-29/JAPAN)

wpe2.jpg (3078 バイト)

This is the first CD I bought. Actually I didn't want to buy this CD, it could be any CD.(as it was a term changing RECORD to CD). But I didn't have a CD player so I had to wait another half year to play this CD till my parents bought it. So I don't have much memory about this song but I always sing this song when I go to Karaoke.(with dancing) 


NO.040 DATE: 22nd/OCT/2005

ARTIST: Asada Yusuke  TITLE: Peace sigh in my pocket

WRITER: Ms.ura(FEMALE/age:20-24/JAPAN)

wpe2.jpg (3250 バイト)

I heard this song from radio first but didn't know who it was. After that I found out that is Asada Yusuke however couldn't find CD. Eventually I found CD after 4 & half years since I heard this song first. *The picture is CD Album "Cinnamon-French-Toast" which includes "Peace sigh in my pocket".


NO.039 DATE: 9th/OCT/2005

ARTIST:BEGIN  TITLE: Miagete goran yoru no hoshi o

WRITER: Ms.kael(FEMALE/age:20-24/country unknown)

wpe6C.jpg (6660 バイト)

This is my favourite cover of Sakamoto Kyuu's classic, used as the anime Twin Spica ending song. In the anime, this is the favourite song of an astronaut and his girlfriend. A tragic accident kills him, and years after he dies, his ghost watches her get married to another man. He plays this song on his harmonica as he thinks back to when he was still alive and in love with her... T_T *the picture is an Album of "Twin Spica  OST" which contains "Miagete goran yoru no hoshi o".


NO.038 DATE: 6th/OCT/2005

ARTIST: Yamazaki Masayoshi  TITLE: One more time, One more chance.

WRITER: Mr.Lonely Wolf(MALE/age:30-34/JAPAN)

wpe3.jpg (1936 バイト)

About 4 years ago my girl friend dropped me and I couldn't move to next love. At that time I met this song.This song's lyric is very similar to the situation I was in. I listened this song many times and remembered about her for whole. However I made a new girl friend this year. Hopefully I won't lose this love.


NO.037 DATE: 5th/OCT/2005


WRITER: Ms.Pinky(FEMALE/age:20-24/JAPAN)

wpe2.jpg (2858 バイト)

I was belong to volley ball club and we could move into final of the qualifier for national convention. This song was an image song of this convention. Every time I listen to this song, I remember chagrin and sense of nostalgia.


NO.036 DATE:16th/SEP/2005

ARTIST:SPITZ  TITLE:hachimitsu(Album)


wpe4.jpg (4840 バイト)

My memorial album is SPITZ's album "hachimitsu". I got a 1st girl friend in my life(when I was 19) and we went out for driving for our 1st date. Before the date I read a kind of date magazine and searched this album. Since that this album became our favorite album for driving.


NO.035 DATE:26th/AUG/2005



wpe2.jpg (4879 バイト)

In 1982 I was going out with a pretty girlfriend. Both of us liked OFF COURSE we often listen to their song when she spent time in my room. One day I got dropped by her. I was so depressed and went to my friend's house with whiskey. I talked about my girlfriend how much I love her. Suddenly he played OFF COURSE's record. I couldn't stop crying. I got married 12 years ago but I still remember that emotion when I hear OFF COURSE.


NO.034 DATE:26th/AUG/2005

ARTIST:Southern All Stars  TITLE:Manatsu no Kajitsu


wpe3.jpg (2942 バイト)

As my husband asked me to go to their concert we started going out and got married. We're going to their concert every year even now!!


NO.033 DATE:26th/AUG/2005

Titale:Moeyo Dragon(movie) OST


wpe4.jpg (6104 バイト)

I fell in love with this movie straightly since I saw it first. I have collected most of Bruce Lee movie's video and DVD. Also I was belong to Karate club in University,


NO.032 DATE:7/AUG/2005



wpe3.jpg (3230 バイト)

When I was a high school student, my best friend died by car accident. I met her day before the accident but now she's not alive. I couldn't accept that fact for about a month. Then I heard this song from TV and couldn't stop crying. *The picture is an album "ROAD-document-" which included "ROAD".


NO.031 DATE:7/AUG/2005



wpe2.jpg (3023 バイト)

When I was a Jr.high school student, I often went to Karaoke with my friend K. K loved The CHECKERS so much and he mostly sang their songs. It's unbelievable that 2 boys go to Karaoke without any alcohol and chicks and sing for 3,4 hours when I imagine abut it now. This song was his favorite song he always sang this at the end. After we graduated jr.high school I decided to go to high school in other prefecture so we went to karaoke again for our little good-bye. In this song, there is a part goes "we could never change", this part was fit with our situation at that time so we cried and sang together. 


NO.030 DATE:6/AUG/2005

ARTIST:BOOWY  TITLE:Kisetsu ga kimi dake o kaeru


wpe3.jpg (2213 バイト)

This is their last single released on Xmas eve in 1987 just before they announced they'll be breakup. This is also the last song of the album "PSYCHOPATH". BOOWY was kind of my text book when I always stayed at my friend's house and played guitar in my childhood. I went to Tokyo to see their last concert without a ticket however I didn't know what's to do and went home....


NO.029 DATE:6/AUG/2005


WRITER:Mr.Charisma Acupuncture(MALE/JAPAN)

wpe2.jpg (3145 バイト)

When I was a student, I was a cross country athlete. And I was thinking this song is my theme song so I was always singing this song in my mind when I was running.


NO.028 DATE:6/AUG/2005

ARTIST:aiko  TITLE:Kabutomushi


wpe6.jpg (3244 バイト)

I was living with my university mates 5 years ago for a year. That was only chance for us 3girls living together I think. At that time one of my friend always listened this song. We cooked together, we discuss abut love etc... That was very deep moment for my life. Every time when I hear this song, all good memory get back to my head.


NO.027 DATE:5/AUG/2005


WRITER:Mr.Katamichi Kippu(MALE/JAPAN)

wpe5.jpg (2118 バイト)

I like him from many years ago. He left Japan to UAS for his dream to be succeed in over seas when he was the top talent in Japan and I loved that spirit. This song "One Way Trip" makes me feeling that I  want to try for my dream even I have only one way ticket.


NO.026 DATE 5/AUG/2005



wpe2.jpg (3578 バイト)

When I was Jr.high school student, I always mimic some artists songs. This song was  one of of my repertory. My friend told everyone about it therefore everyone asked me to mimic this song. After many years past, I met my old friend from Jr.high school at the bar, I was asked to mimic this song again. This song is very important song when I look back my childhood. *The picture is an album "THE BADDEST" which includes "MISSING".


NO.025 DATE:5/AUG/2005


WRITER::Mr.Love Tambourine(MALE/JAPAN)

wpe3.jpg (2185 バイト)

I'm a big fan of Anime "CITY HUNTER". I was recording whole story of TV series when I was primary school student. This song is the Ending theme of "CITY HUNTER 2". At that time I didn't know the artist Okamura Takayuki but I found a CD of him when I went to my friend house and recognized "Oh, he is a singer of CITY HUNTER!! After was I became a big fan of Yasuyuki. Now I have most of items he released. 


NO.024 DATE:28/JUL/2005

ARTIST:Watanabe Misato  TITLE:Natsu ga kita!


wpe3.jpg (2603 バイト)

I went to America to study after graduate Jr.high school. When I left Japan to US, about 15 friends came to the Bull train station to see me off. Then one of friends gave me a cassette tape that she recorded several songs for me. This song "Natsu ga kita!" was included in this tape.I was listening to the tape in the airplane to go to US and cried. Even after I started to live in US, this tape helped me often when I became lonely.It made me feeling I'm not alone.


NO.023 DATE:20/JUL/2005

ARTIST:Iwasaki Hiromi  TITLE:Purple Blue Tears(Sumireiro no Namida)

WRITER:Mr.Anton(MALE/Hong Kong)

wpe1B.jpg (2600 バイト)

my most memorable song is hiromi hamasaki is purple blue tears.


NO.022 DATE:19/JUL/2005

ARTIST:Masked Rider Black RX  TITLE:Somebody Loves You

WRITER:Mr.ffffb6 (MALE/China)

wpe1B.jpg (7460 バイト)

"Someone Loves You" in the Kamen Rider Black RX. "Long Long ago, 20th Century" in the Kamen Rider Black  I saw the episodes on TV when I was 7~8years old, that was a important tokusatsu in my life.


NO.021 DATE:12/JUL/2005

ARTIST:Kohiruimaki Kahoru etc...  TITLE:Ai yo kienaide etc...


wpe18.jpg (4669 バイト)

1. City Hunter -Ai yo kienaide- by Kohiruimaki Kahoru for the anime "City Hunter"
 2. Kanashimi yo konichiwa by Saito Yuki for the anime "Maison ikkoku"
 3. GLASS no Kiss by Himenogi Rika for the anime "Maison ikkoku"
 4. PLATONIC tsurameite by Sakagami Kaori for the anime "Ranma 1/2"
 5. Mou nakanaide by Senou Azusa for the anime "Ranma 1/2"
 6. Blue Velvet by Kudo Shizuka for the anime "Dragon Ball GT"
 7. DAN DAN kokoro hikareteku by FIELD OF VIEW for the anime "Dragon Ball GT"
 8. Touch by Iwasaki Yoshimi for the anime "Touch"
 9. Owarinai yume by Aikawa Nanase for the anime "Inuyasha"
10. Eternal Wind by Moriguchi Hiroko for the anime "Gundam F91"

*picture is "Ai yo tomenaide" by Kohiruimaki Kahoru.


NO.020 DATE:28/JUN/2005



wpe18.jpg (3524 バイト)

It will bring me back to my school years.


NO.019 DATE:28/JUN/2005

ARTIST:MALICE MIZER  TITLE:Saikai no Chi to bara


wpe11.jpg (2277 バイト)

My first Malice Mizer song was Saikai no Chi to Bara.  I heard it at the suggestion of a friend and fell in love with it instantly.  It is still one of my favorite songs.


NO.017 & 18 DATE:23/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Chodenshi Bioman  TITLE:Chodenshi Bioman

ARTIST:Sailor Moon  TITLE:Moonlight Densetsu


wpeF.jpg (6912 バイト)

wpe11.jpg (3461 バイト)

My two memorial songs are "Choudenshi Bioman", the opening theme to the sentai Bioman by Takayuki Miyauchi and the original Sailor Moon theme song "Moonlight Densetsu" by DALI.  These are my memorial songs because these are the songs that got me hooked onto the sentai series and the Sailor Moon anime when I was a kid.  And it is those songs that got me rehooked now 12 years later.   Everytime I hear those songs, it makes me very nostalgic of my childhood.  I can still visualize the opening credits to both shows when I hear them.  When I heard those songs again, i said to myself "I so remember this song."   The music just stood out to me so much that even after 10 years or so, i can still remember it.


NO.016 DATE:20/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Sakai Noriko  TITLE:Active Heart


wpe11.jpg (4408 バイト)

Maybe my memorial (favorite) song was Noriko Sakai's "Active Heart" from the opening theme song of the anime "GUNBUSTER'. It's because of that song which opened the door for me into liking Idol music.*This picture is an album"LOVELY TIMES" which contains "Active Heart".


NO.015 DATE:14/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Fukunaga Satomi  TITLE:Kaze no Invitation


wpeE.jpg (3501 バイト)

One of my favourite songs is "Kaze no Invitation" by Fukunaga Satomi. It was one of the first singles I bought in Tokyo. A fun song. Reminds me of Tokyo every time I hear it. Also "Fuyu no Opera Glass" by Nitta Eri, "Cecile" by Asaka Yui and "Hazkashii Sugite" by Nanno. Reminds me of old girlfriends in Japan.


NO.014 DATE:7/JUN/2005

ARTIST:ribbon  TITLE:Stay with me


wpe9.jpg (3019 バイト)

When I think of my ex-girlfriend I think of "Stay with me" by Ribbon. Maybe I should just find a nice Japanese girlfriend. ;)


NO.013 DATE:2/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Harada Tomoyo  TITLE:Time Travelling Girl


wpe4.jpg (3919 バイト)

And the other one is Harada Tomoyo's "Time Travelling Girl(Toki o kakeru Shojo)", the reason is simple, this is the first Japanese song I heard (hehe).


NO.012 DATE:2/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Kashiwabara Yoshie  TITLE:Saiai


wpe2.jpg (2225 バイト)

There are so many good Japanese songs in my memory, it's nearly impossible to count them, but well, here are two:   Kashiwabara Yoshie's "SaiAi" because the beautiful melody and lyrics did touch my heart, and of course, Yoshie's wonderfulexperssion. Because of this song, I know the Japanese idol can also sing.


NO.011 DATE:1/JUN/2005

ARTIST:Nakajima Miyuki  TITLE:Asai Nemuri


wpe2.jpg (2714 バイト)

I think about this question for a long time.My lovely memorial song is sing by " Nakajima Miyuki "-  Asai Nemuri. It's the theme song of the drama "Shinainaru mono e".


NO.010 DATE:30/MAY/2005



wpe2.jpg (3079 バイト)

Malice Mizer - Hakai no hate. This is the song that originally got me into japanese music. from then, it spread to janne da arc, l'arc en diel, dir en grey, and then all sorts of bands and idol singers.


NO.009 DATE:28/MAY/2005



wpe2.jpg (2281 バイト)

'Suteki da ne' is my memorial song, because a year and a half ago, we went to Egypt.  I had this song on my MP3 player, so I listened to it almost constantly in the evenings for half the trip.  Then my memory card got wiped and I didn't have it after the flight from Luxor to Cairo.  But everytime I hear it,  I remember when we were at Abu Simbel at sunrise waiting for the temples to be opened.*The singer of this song is "RIKKI".


NO.008 DATE:27/MAY/2005



wpe2.jpg (2484 バイト)

Beast of Blood of Malice Mizer was the first song i've heard from this band! so it always make me nostalgic thinking about the day i started to listen to their music and became a fan!


NO.007 DATE:26/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Soul Flower Union  TITLE:Mangetsu no Yube


wpe6.jpg (5851 バイト)

Mangetsu No Yube is powerful and poignant and probably the best Japanese song of the 1990s.     It was written by Takashi Nakagawa of the group Soul Flower Union and Hiroshi Yamaguchi of Heat Wave , for the victims of the 1995 Kobe earthquake , and recorded by them as well as Takashi Hirayasu.*This picture is an album"ELECTRO AGYL POP" which contains "Mangetsu no Yube".


NO.006 DATE:26/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Iha Chieko  TITLE:Shimajima kaisha


wpe4.jpg (2266 バイト)

Shimajima Kaisha by Chieko Iha & Four Sisters is another song close to my heart because I live on an island (although a very big island it is).*This picture is an V.A album"Rough Guide to the Music of Okinawa" which contains "Shimajima kaisha" of iha Chieko & Four Sisters.


NO.005 DATE:26/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Matsu Takako  TITLE:White Reply


wpe2.jpg (2906 バイト)

One song that has a special meaning for me is "White Reply" written and recorded by Yoshio Akeboshi and also recorded by Takako (Fujima) Matsu.    It was through a J-Pop music BBS discussing this song that I met my friend Cornelia.*This picture is an album"harvest songs" which contains "White Reply".


NO.004 DATE:25/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Chojiku Yosai Macross  TITLE:Soundtracks


wpeB.jpg (4888 バイト)

The Macross soundtracks are my memorial songs. I was about 13 when I fell in love with Macross, and it made me want to become an artist, director, musician, and writer. Now, I'm doing all of those things professionally, and it all started with Macross.


NO.003 DATE:23/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Tamura Eriko  TITLE:Locomotion Dream


wpe2.jpg (2316 バイト)

I think the song that moves me the most making me remember the past is Eriko Tamura's Locomotion Dream, because I can tell you that even if I could not understand a word, I learnt by heart all the songs of Idol Densetsu Eriko series, and this is the one I liked the most when I was a girl of 10 and I saw the series on tv. The series were broadcast on 1989 in Japan, and one year later in Spain.


NO.002 DATE:22/MAY/2005



wpe6.jpg (6881 バイト)

My memorial song it's  Tobe! Grendizer (the mythical ISAO SASAKI from Ufo Robot Grendizer) it's the first original japanese anime song that I know.from that moment.I always sing in my mind (yuke yuke DUKE FLEED.tobe tobe GRENDIZER  daichito umito aozorato  tomoto chikatta konoheiwa mamori imokataku tachiagare.etc.)Ufo Robot Grendizer it's the first anime-robot-series that was appeared, here in Italy


NO.001 DATE:21/MAY/2005

ARTIST:Sakai Noriko  TITLE:Aoi Usagi


wpe2.jpg (2314 バイト)

I first heard this song approximately 10 yrs ago (can't remember the exact year) on local television. Channel 12 was airing an episode of the Jdrama 'Hoshi no Kinka'. I was immediately hooked. This song, Ms Sakai and the drama became the catalysts for my growing interest in Japanese pop culture.