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charlie's angels
cool runnings
[movie]cannibal apocalypse
[movie]cape fear
[movie]carib no atsui yoru(against all odds)
[movie]casual sex?
[movie]casualties of war
[movie]cat's eye
[movie]cat people
[movie]chanbara graffiti kiru
[movie]changing lanes
[movie]chanpion taka
[movie]chaprin collection
[movie]charles chaplin
[movie]charles chaplin
[movie]charles chaplin
[movie]charles chaplin
[movie]chasing papi
[movie]chicken run
[movie]chiisana heitai
[movie]child's play
[movie]child's play2
[movie]child's play3
[movie]children of a lesser god
[movie]children shouldn't play with dead things
[movie]china sky
[movie]china syndrome
[movie]chinese ghost story
[movie]chirusoku no natsu
[movie]chitty chitty bang bang
[movie]cindy croford
[movie]class of 1999
[movie]clear and present danger
[movie]colcano high
[movie]comanchero/girl hunt
[movie]con air
[movie]conspiracy theory
[movie]cool running
[movie]costume dancer
[movie]courage under fire
[movie]crazy monkey shoken
[movie]crazy six
[movie]creature features
[movie]crimson tide
[movie]cutthroat island
the call of the far away hills
the call of the far-away hills