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american grafiti
apocalypse now
a smile like yours
[movie]abare andon
[movie]a bittersweet life
[movie]above the law/nico
[movie]a bridge too far
[movie]a chinese ghost story 2
[movie]a chinese ghost story 3
[movie]a clockwork orange
[movie]addamus family
[movie]a fish called wanda
[movie]a funny wild girl
[movie]afureru atsui namida
[movie]aijo monogatari
[movie]ai no corrida
[movie]air america
[movie]air force one
[movie]akai sabaku
[movie]alien nation
[movie]alien nation 4
[movie]aliens 2
[movie]alien vs. predator
[movie]all of me
[movie]an american love story
[movie]angel heart
[movie]a nightmare on elm street
[movie]a night mare on elm street 4:the dream master
[movie]a night mare on elm street 5:the dream child
[movie]a nightmere on elm street
[movie]aniyome wa nineteen
[movie]anna and the king
[movie]anne of green gables the sequel
[movie]an officer and a gentleman
[movie]ano koro eiga shochiku dvd collection
[movie]another evil dead 2
[movie]another stakeout
[movie]aota hiroko
[movie]a perfect murder
[movie]apocalypse now
[movie]apollo 13
[movie]appointment with death
[movie]april fool's day
[movie]april snow
[movie]arabian nights
[movie]army of darkness
[movie]a room with a view
[movie]arsene lupin les huit coups de l'horloge
[movie]aruiwa uragiri to iu na no inu
[movie]ascenseur pour i'echafaud
[movie]ashura jo no hitomi
[movie]atg jissoji akio
[movie]atomik circus
[movie]austin powers delux
[movie]a walk in the clouds
the all time greatest movie songs